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10 Lagu Dari Musisi Cowok Yang Bikin Kita Merasa Cantik (Bagian 1)

  • Astri Soeparyono
  • Posted on : Rabu, 11 November 2015

10 Lagu Dari Musisi Cowok Yang Bikin Kita Merasa Cantik (Bagian 1)

Para musisi cowok ini pinter banget deh bikin lirik dan melodi. ENggak heran bisa punya banyak banget fans cewek. Soalnya dengerin lagu mereka bisa bikin kita geer. Misalnya, 10 lagu dari musisi cowok yang bikin kita merasa cantik ini. Pipi langsung merah. Blushing!


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Favorite Girl, Justin Bieber 

I always knew you were the best
The coolest girl I know
So prettier than all the rest
The star of my show
So many times I wished
You'd be the one for me
But never knew you'd get like this
Girl what you do to me



Leila, Greyson Chance 


All the people say we'll never
Be the type to stay together
But you know I promise you we're gonna prove them wrong
Maybe this is wrong
Or maybe...
You're the one for me


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Girl Almighty, One Direction 


Her light is as loud as as many ambulances
As it takes to save a savior, oh


You and I, John Legend

You fix your make up, just so
Guess you don't know, that you're beautiful
Try on every dress that you own
You were fine in my eyes a half hour ago


Girls On TV, The Vamps 


She got legs like Beyoncé
Give me the eye like Rihanna
I wanna put her on camera
'Cause she drives me crazy, crazy, crazy


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